8 thoughts on “Clone Tools

  • Yo is it dustin 2k, remember me,saleem! find me a way i can download grifters
    ill open macroshop for you,load one aol 4.0, after that put 56 pictures in load
    clones and hit HmMm? Ill teach you after that, quickly idlebot and request chat
    limit and put 100 people in the chatroom. bust 7.

  • hey guys, no one has created a clone scroller in a long time, ill teach you how to create one,
    its when your starting something new and becareful! format your computer and name the
    drive start. once microsoft windows is ready quickly name the start menu strart, before doing
    that in the clock menu on the right load it to the internet, then get a waol that causes connection
    to the inetrnet, it will open upto 56 times and then go to the telnet or firewall etc or connect
    from america online at the and then clock menu on the right, and then click strart ,the start menu has to be named strart until it becomes start again itself and load the smiley
    joke program that acts like it deleted windows and its just a joke kind of program and the strart menu will
    connect to computer power start button and where the power button is and make a factory clone scroller.The computer is enough to say its a factory,the clone scroller its self will be a celeron!

  • I remember when grifter made that prog.. wow that was so long ago… We both started the same time and used each other to step up. I miss those guys Grifter pogo faygo bob Contd.. wish i could run in to the guys that hung in the zd rooms synyax rooms and ^^^^^^^

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