2 thoughts on “Fate Zero Artwork

  • Hey there, these are interesting intros, but the actual intro is not represented here. I am actually the one who created it (aka aeRo¹). My name is Brendan, and I was about 13 at the time. I worked on Fate Zero with MaGuS, since FuNGii had departed the AOL “proggie” scene prior to MaGuS beginning work on Fate Zero.

    I did the intro, interface’s and “skins” for the prog, etc. These artworks are actually very similar to the actual intro (which I never liked, but MaGuS did), which can be found here: http://justinakapaste.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/tumblr_n0ckcnkULf1trn8dmo1_500.png



    • Hey man! Dont know if you’ll see this but I was in the proggie scene as a kid and was in LouD with MaGuS. Just wanted to say I thought your art was killer back in the day and you in many ways inspired me to become a graphic artist. Seeing your into splash for Fate Zero brought back a lot of memories, hope all is well!

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