Mini Oblivion

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AppName: Mini Oblivion
Versin: 0.1
Coder: Stan
Group: The Ratpack


Mini Oblivion is meant to be used for legal purposes only. Since it is beyond the author’s control of what Mini Oblivion is used for, the author of Mini Oblivion can not be held accountable for anything you do with this program.

–=About Mini Oblivion=–

Mini Oblivion is a RAT(Remote Administraton Tool) coded in C by Stan.

–=The Goal=–

Make a RAT that is small, and stable, so that while the size of Oblivion keeps increasing, there is always a small version with the same quality.
–=Diffrences between Mini Oblivion v0.1 and Oblivoin v0.1=–

Mini Oblivion 0.1 shouldn’t have any of the bugs that Oblivion 0.1 had. But.. Mini Oblivion lacks in encryption, and features that Oblivion 0.1 had. The protocol for Mini Oblivion 0.1 has been totally changed from the Oblivion 0.1 protocol. Altho I think I will make an even better protocol for Oblivion 0.2 for the purposes of encryption etc.. the protocol for Mini Oblivion is probably alot better thain for most small RATs.

–=Mini Oblivion Features=–

Pass protection
Option to not open port till internet connection is detected
6 install options
Option to insall to win dir or system dir.
Get win dir, or system dir option.
Run file option.
An editserver to change the server’s settings before running it.


Altho I have a temp place for a website.. it would be really cool if somone could hook me up with a free, more permanent web host. Also please report bugs, because I promise to release bug fixed versions of mini oblivion till it is bug free. If I dont get rid of bugs now, then future stuff that I make will probably end up with the same bugs.


My website should have a forum. You can contact me through that.

–=Thank You=–

Well.. I hate this section.. cuz there are so many people. (I cant even remember them all most of the time) So.. I will just say.. Thanks to The Ratpack… you guys help me alot. And thanks to Iczelion because rules.. and it is where I first started learning about Win32 programing, and I have learned alot from there. Thanks to Pachamama, because is the first site that you could download Oblivion v0.1 from. Thanks to MR_Q cuz he put up a long fight before finally closing backdoored. Thanks to M_R, cuz, and it’s top site list rule! Thanks to all the people that have found bugs in Oblivion and told me about them. Thanks for telling me about the features you would like. Oh.. and thanks to Steve Gibson and for giving me stuff to read, and a good laugh… also thanks to for giving me even more laughs lol. Oh yeah.. thanks to Chezz and Ganja51 cuz you give me a place to chat hehe. Ok.. I think that is enough thank yous. As you can see.. I only hit on a few people that really have made a diffrence. I didnt name every little person that has found a bug or nothing, cuz that would be hard. So if you didnt make the list.. sorry. 🙁

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