MiniCommand v1.3a

MiniCommand v1.3a —– First BETA

A tHing clone πŸ˜‰ tHing is written by BLADE
The tHing and miniCommand v1.3a servers are written in win32 ASM!

The server can be compressed AFTER you configure it. I get it down to
4 kb with upx !!

– This release should work fairly well. There are a few bugs,
some listed below.

– Sometimes if you test it on yourself when you are offline you
won’t be able to conect to the server. Just go OnLine and you will
be able to connect and test it then remove it.

– Sometimes the progressbar wigs out, I think I got it counting
correctly, but is is liable to fuck up. Just be patient if it stops
sounting. Run your bandwidth meter and watch bytes sent/sec and
you can see when it stops uploading.


– Reoprt bugs to our forum.
– Enjoy this piece of software.
– stoner


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