Miss these days…

Man some days i just get caught in a nostalgic phase and just think about all the old times online.  Theres no more chatrooms, no more sleeping at night waiting to hear that notification sound for a cracked leet; popping instantly out of bed.  Waking up to find out your cracker or spammer just crashed or froze and that entire list you were cracking and spamming has to start from the top.

How about that entire warez list you just got from pr cerver or mp3 waiting about 12 hours for that full length album to finish downloading in your aol file directory.  Man i remember my shit use to be packed with albums waiting to go to a family members house to sleep over with a pack of cd-rs and a pillow.  We didnt have usb’s and a burn rate of 16 or 32x was fast.

I remember cracking my first overhead at about 13 and showing my mom that i didnt have any chat scroll limits.

The countless nights of getting pws’d or a hardware failure trying to diagnose and repair when now you can simply google your problem or run a software fix.  We had to come up with our own fixes, formatting and reinstalling windows was a pain in the ass.

How about certs for making lcases and other accounts…  damn i still remember the same one i used all the time “LOTTA-STEMS”.

Shit never in a million years did i think those days would end.  It all ended so fast 2005 came everyone vanished some people hung around til about 2008.  Man i remember when my family got our first computer i played some lion king game and looked at encarta fought with my brother on whos turn it was to use it. Getting AOL and organzing my buddylist and my favorites list.

How about when captcha didnt exist.  I remember i really didnt understand how crackers rpm worked or what it meant so i would be adverising a fake cracker PWS with random 3722/21 rpm’s and people would still download that shit.  Hearing that UTOH sound and finding out i just pwsd someone all the passwords were saved.

The countless aims i lost because i couldnt remember the chr10, chr13 strings i used so when you request a lost password you couldnt copy and paste… 

 What about those aim accounts that had locked passwords and 30 fucking people knew it and would log on.

Im going to post shit like this every chance i get so i dont forget about all the awesome times online.  All these assholes now think they know the internet because they have a facebook and gmail.  Some shitty ass wordpress site and never was apart of coding when it was just notepad.  I think now it use to take me years to get a full content website done now it takes days.  Fuck i wasted so much time.

Leave a comment let me know what you miss.

4 thoughts on “Miss these days…

  1. Fuck, I miss the active social community. None of this “post crap and wait for my friends to comment” Nah, it was if you were online you either actively chat with that person or shoot them an email for later. Social online was active, not passive.

    Then you jump into the rooms and request lists from the MMers. I cannot believe the countless hours I spent just browsing lists like I was just window shopping and getting anything that looked even remotely interesting. To this day I still don’t know how I was able to get so much obscure electronic music in the late 90s strictly from aol chat rooms.

    Then there’s just the mere downloading of warez. I remember how I would open my inbox like it was christmas day to see everything I requested hours or the night before finally forwarded to me. To this day I still have no idea how I was able to download all of the crap that I did on just a 56k modem. Thank god for zip drives, and later for a friend getting a CD burner so that I could give him stuff to burn and not fill up my small 4.3 GB hd.

    There’s also that excitement for when you are on AOL and you heard “you got mail”, because back then it was something that you actuallly wanted or was interested in, not like now where it’s mostly spam or bulk mails.

    And then the progz. I always had fun playing with them. Every new one was like a new adventure because a lot of them were completely different, even some with the most random secret sections and whatnot. I wish I still had a lot of those progz just to play around for nostalgic purposes, but I know I deleted a lot.

    Oh, another thing was when I got on the AOL 4.0 beta and how I felt like hot shit because I was a beta tester and all for all these new features, especially had fun with the colored font in chat rooms, especially with the progz that would fade the text.

    Those were good times, and I still miss them. I would trade the facebook popularity for aol popularity any day because at least everything wasn’t so damn public and kept forever online.

  2. In the same boat, the good days when the Internet was novelty and not a pain in the ass!

    I used to frequent the AIM chats “chat” “chat1″ chat2” and remember accounts ending with @mac.com and everyone wanting to know how to do it with a special software.

    Miss those days!

  3. and here i am, too young to have been around in those days, trying to find 90s warez CDs for the stuff that got lost over the years, reversing the aol desktop, noticing the recode from the ground up that’s in beta and realising that soon, so much history is about to disappear as the old waol code finally gets superseded, and the old aol servers with its tokens and FDO with it…

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