RIP Olaf Kevin Miller

RIP Olaf Kevin Miller



“Kevin Montgomery Miller, 30, of Benton, born June 16, 1986; the beloved son of Kevin Dermot and Bobbi Jean Miller, father to Lydia Stout, brother to Andrew Thornberry (Vanessa), Amanda Nix (Chad), Christine Farrukh (Farrukh), Jeanine Miller and Shaun Miller; died suddenly on Saturday, July 30, 2016. He also left behind four nieces, Jennavieve, McKenna, Sofia and Violet; two nephews, Vaughn and Bane and numerous friends and loved ones. Kevin was a presence everywhere he went. A Renaissance man who loved the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Cary Grant. His friends span the globe, but a large group are here in Benton, Ark., where he went to high school. His love of eclectic music and the ability to absorb all that was around him was astounding. He defined the word friend and made us look at ourselves and other things around us in so many different ways. He became the one person you always wanted to come through the door first and he was always the one who held it open for you. We celebrate his life together with our friends at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016 at Ashby Funeral Home, 108 W. Narroway St. in Benton, Ark. 72015. Family Comments: We request anyone who has something to say about his life and their friendship to share that experience and love with us all at this memorial. On-line guest book at”


About Kevin Olaf Miller

I was born in June of 1986 in California and have moved all over the country throughout my life since. While growing up, I had a desire to design video games and knew that would require learning how to use computers on a more advanced level. My father worked for General Electric while we were living in New York and would take home the throwaway computers they’d since upgraded. I grew curious and asked my father to teach me how to use and build them. Around this time, in 1996, we were also first getting online so that my mother could do business on eBay. If I wasn’t spending time online with the family computer, I was in my own room learning the ins and outs of Windows 3.1.

In 1998, we moved to Arizona and I continued my fascination with computers. My mother continued doing business on eBay in addition to her regular day job. She would go to thrift stores and find “diamonds in the rough” and sell them online for a substantial profit. I rarely tagged along, but one day I did and found a book on how to program in QBASIC that was illustrated in the form of a comic book. I immediately dove into it when we arrived home and started writing my first programs. I would look for source code to other programs and games online and dissect them until I understood the more advanced features of each one. Shortly thereafter, I learned that one of my fellow students also happened to enjoy programming. We started hanging out and learning more together after school and on the weekends.

We slowly formed a group of like-minded individuals at school and eventually moved onto Visual Basic. This was my weapon of choice for writing applications and games for many years to come until teaching myself new programming languages. My family eventually moved again, this time to Washington. I continued computing away during almost all of my free time and still do to this day. However, these days I tend to do it almost entirely a profession rather than entertaining myself. This is all completely freelance as my own boss while living in New York.

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  1. I look and look for peace but never find it. I think of you and laugh so that helps me. I miss you every day of my life, but you’re still here. I love you my dear son.

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