AOL Warez – The History of AOL Warez – AOL Hacking

4 thoughts on “AOL Warez – The History of AOL Warez – AOL Hacking

  • God this is such a flash back! The fun back in the 28.8 k days… the hours of youth I wasted… and to think it was 22 years agoish at this point!


  • Dude, reading this article brought back a ton of almost forgotten memories. I was friends with CoolZie for many years and he taught me a lot. You and I are the same age and probably spent countless hours among the same people in the same forums. I wasn’t a great developer but I participated where I could. My nick was BugZy. I stole a lot back then – not proud of it now but many of the memories are good. What was your nick?

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