Rampage Toolz (Read Me)

Rampage Toolz 1.1
Thankyou for downloading Rampage Toolz. I can’t garuentee that this
file is virus free unless you downloaded it from
http://www.oogle.net/rampage/ You can go there for help, the latest
version or just info.

For anything about rampage toolz including help remember to goto

AOL Invoke List

32-000105 – Create PUBLIC Room
32-002185 – The SPAM Area (Link to ARC)
32-002326 – The America Online Guide Area (JADE)
32-002411 – Change Software Version Numbers
40-005060 – Sales and Service Forum
40-009366 – Request-O-Rama
40-011549 – TOS Area (Detailed
32-000029 – Blank Mail (NF)
32-000030 – Update Welcome screen
32-000040 – Catch Hidden (NF)
32-000056 – Continue? (NF)
32-000105 – Create PUBLIC Room
32-000158 – On Stage Screen (NF)
32-000270 – Untitled Auditorium (NF)
32-000274 – Blank IM
32-000292 – Network News (NF)
32-000295 – Covers buttons
32-000296 – Uncovers Buttons
32-000300 – End of Account (NF)
32-000350 – Works for Macs
32-000351 – Microsoft Stuff
32-000754 – Send Question (NF)
32-001612 – Mercury Sign-On Screen (more…)

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HaVoK Platinum (Read Me)

Dont Forget To Put The Wavs (Havok, Havok6, Havok7,
Sacrifce) Into your windows directory!! If When Running This Program,
If It Says “File Not Found” Or Anything Like That, Mail
Me At [email protected] And Tell Me… I Added Three Bitmaps
(The Pictures) In This Zip In Case You Would Like To
Use Any Of Them As Wallpaper. Also I Added A Sheep Screen
Mate. (Very Funny And Entertaining) (more…)

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Stylez Realm (Read Me)

Thanks for downloading this file from
Stylez Realm (http://www.stylezrealm.net)

If you got this file from somewhere else then someone
is stealing my links please email me the URL and name
of the site.


Email: [email protected]


Geniculi Chat Encrypt (Read Me)

Geniculi Chat Encrypt by Cobra

v 1.14 – A chat encryption prog for AOL 4 and 5 chat rooms


You will get a blank window when you start the application. This is the chat window.
Any mouse action on this will do something. Left-clicking enables it’s movement.
Double-left-clicking minimizes/maximizes it. Right-clicking pulls the menu up. (more…)

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Nuclear Winter (Read Me)

nt – [email protected]
site – http://hoto007.simplenet.com

thanks for taking your time and downloading my very first
full prog for america online 4.o. this sweet shit has about 120
options to choose from. there all useful and helpful too. not like
gothic nightmares which has alot of things that you will never use. (more…)

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Elite IP Stealer (Read Me)

Elite IP Stealer v1.o
Thankyou for downloading this Elite IP Stealer. First I can’t
guarentee that this file is virus free unless you downloaded it from
the www.oogle.net server. For more info on this prog or additional
help please visit http://www.oogle.net/ipsteal/
And of course, because this software was written by Oogle it was
made Virus/Virii/PWS/Deltree FREE! (more…)

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Distortion (Read Me)

SuP this prog is GUARANTEED no PWS Or Virii. If you DLed a copy with
PWS or Virii, you didnt get it from me, cuz i would NEVER send out PWS
or Virii. So feel free to run all ur PWS and Virii checks befor you run
this. If you are suspicious, then Just delete it, it’s ur loss.
Ignore.exe is an Auto-Ignorer, and Serva.exe is a server. The reason
they r separate EXE’s is cuz I dont have my forms, cuz i got a new comp
and my old one is in storage until November. Have fun!

Toolz of Destruction (Read Me)

This is my third Release of this program. There may be a few Bugs. If you
find any E-mail me at [email protected]
To Install:
1. Run the Automatic Unzipping file “todzip.exe”
2. It should ask you what directory to unzip in. Enter “C:\tod”
3. Run the execuatable file “todv3.exe” (more…)

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MMx Online (Read Me)

u shouldve downloaded this file from MMx Online (http://mmxonline.cjb.net)
if you didint download this file from there, please mail me at
[email protected] and tell me the site you got it from…they
are stealing my uploads/links and they shouldnt take credit for it.
please report the site u got this from if it wasnt from my site and
ill give u a phish. thanks
[email protected]